BC Sampler 2

BC Sampler 2

Bearded Cigars
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Introducing the Bearded Cigars Sampler Pack 2 - a carefully curated collection that promises to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through the world of premium cigars. With a selection designed to capture the essence of Bearded Cigars' craftsmanship, this sampler pack is the gateway to a realm of flavor and complexity.

Each sampler pack contains an ensemble of handpicked gems, each with its own distinct personality:

1. CT Robusto (5 1/2x50): Embark on a journey of refinement with the CT Robusto. Its creamy Connecticut wrapper envelops a blend of perfectly aged fillers, creating a balanced and approachable smoking experience that's both rich and smooth.

2. Habano Torpedo (6 1/2x52): Ignite your senses with the Habano Torpedo. The boldness of the Habano wrapper harmonizes with meticulously selected fillers, delivering a symphony of flavor with every puff. Its torpedo shape enhances the draw, allowing you to savor every nuance.

3. Maduro President (5 1/2x60): Indulge in the Maduro President's captivating allure. The dark San Andrés Maduro wrapper encases a blend of aged Nicaraguan fillers, creating a medium-profiled masterpiece that unveils the full spectrum of Maduro richness without overpowering intensity.

4. Barber Pole Robusto (5 1/2x50): Dive into the complexity of the Barber Pole Robusto. Its dual-wrapper construction creates an intriguing dance of flavors, blending the nuances of two different wrappers with the expertly chosen fillers. A true exploration of the art of cigar making.

5. Habano Lancero (7 1/2x38): Experience the elegance of the Habano Lancero. The slender profile enhances the concentration of flavors, allowing you to truly appreciate the intricacies of the Habano wrapper and the premium fillers that lie within.

The Bearded Cigars Sampler Pack 2 is more than just an assortment of cigars; it's an invitation to explore the diverse and captivating world of Bearded Cigars' creations. With each puff, you'll uncover layers of flavor, complexity, and artistry that define our passion for the craft. Elevate your moments with this sampler pack, where every cigar tells a story and every draw is an experience unto itself.