BC Sampler 1

BC Sampler 1

Bearded Cigars
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Introducing the Bearded Cigars Sampler Pack 1 - a voyage through a curated collection that embodies the artistry and diversity of premium cigars. This sampler pack is a gateway to a world of flavor, crafted to captivate your senses and redefine your cigar experience.

Each pack is a treasure trove of distinct blends, each with its own unique character:

1. Habano Robusto (5 1/2x50): Embark on a journey of boldness with the Habano Robusto. Its Habano wrapper embraces a blend of expertly chosen fillers, delivering a symphony of spice and richness that awaken the palate.

2. CT Torpedo (6 1/2x52): Indulge in the sophistication of the CT Torpedo. Its Connecticut wrapper wraps around a blend of premium fillers, creating a smoke that's smooth, refined, and bursting with creamy nuances.

3. Habano President (5 1/2x60): Immerse yourself in the Maduro President's commanding presence. The Habano wrapper envelops aged Nicaraguan fillers, crafting a medium-profiled masterpiece that embodies the full range of Maduro flavors with finesse.

4. Maduro Magic Short (4x57): Experience the allure of the Maduro Magic Short. In this compact package, you'll discover a symphony of coffee, spice, cream, and chocolate notes that delight the senses in every puff.

5. Maduro Cervante (6 1/2x42): Savor the complexity of the Maduro Cervante. Its slender profile intensifies the experience as the Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper and expertly aged fillers come together to create a masterpiece of flavor.

The Bearded Cigars Sampler Pack 1 isn't just a collection of cigars; it's an invitation to explore the intricate world of Bearded Cigars' creations. Each smoke is a journey, an exploration of flavor, and a celebration of craftsmanship. Elevate your moments with this sampler pack, where every cigar tells a story, and every draw is a revelation of taste and sensation.